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My name is Martha and I am an Esthetician here at the NY Jungle Spa!


I have been an Esthetician for two years now- and helping people feel comfortable in their own skin is absolutely the right path for me! Originally, I had a different career path that I soon changed due to my interest and passion for Beauty. I soon after stepped into the makeup industry which is what ultimately led to my career path in Esthetics.


Right after I graduated and became an Esthetician, I worked in medical esthetics. I am familiar with skin concerns like melasma, hormonal acne, etc, and how to target them. I learned more than I could imagine working in that field, which allows me to combine my knowledge of both esthetics & medical grade esthetics to provide my clients with the best service I can. 


What interested me most about working with skin was the way you can connect with clients. And what better way to connect than to help bring out someone's glowing self! The most important thing to me is encouraging others to feel glamorous in their own skin and I know I am capable of doing so. 

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