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Owner/Artistic Director

I was very fortunate to stumble across hairstyling in 1981. Interestingly, I meant it as a stepping stone to afford aviation school as I wanted to become a pilot. Instead, I discovered my love for the artistry of hair styling as well as the industry of the profession. Finding this art within me, my passion for what I do daily has driven me to utilize many channels to advance and innovate my profession. I had quickly adapted to elaborate techniques and trends of the time early in my career and was in the right place at the right time to be taught by truly talented artists from Florida to Manhattan, NY. I went on to become a multiple award winning hairstylist/colorist, salon owner, Goldwell platform artist and educator.

I went to Atlanta, Georgia in the late 80's to visit my siblings who were living there for work and school; I instantly fell in love with the city and its surroundings. Two years later I opened my eponymous salon, Basil's, it was a great journey, but I wanted something more. I wished to move to Carmel, California! I planned to move there for even better surroundings and the weather of course. The plan was to settle in and open my dream salon there and grow my brand; however, I met a girl who had a very different plan. My previous dreams of the West coast evolved to the northeast, following Maria to Rockland County, NY. We settled down, had two beautiful baby girls all while growing and developing the NY Jungle brand.

I knew this industry was starving to grow and reach a higher caliber of professionalism, so I challenged  the NY State Board of Appearance Enhancement to change their curriculums from the 1950's antiquated versions. I researched, designed and advised them to a new, more functional program and test that was adapted and will hopefully live on for the next century.

Through the years, we adapted our first salon into a boutique salon and spa and after 14 years we opened a second location growing NY Jungle yet again. Additionally, we started a distribution for the Oxygen Botanicals skincare line and I began distributing my very own innovative creations  The Hair Color Extender and The Hair Color Palette. 

The  NY Jungle brand has now celebrated 25 years serving our clients and we are propelled to be our best possible by our dedication to the industry and to our salons and spas. We aim to continue to educate the new generations of the beauty industry in order to positively impact the nature of our profession.

We are artists, we are professionals and we are NY Jungle! 

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