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Monday:  8-4

Saturday:  8-5


Senior Stylist

Specialties: Hollywood Glamour, Blondes, & Weddings

Hi I’m Elmira, I’ve been a professional hairdresser for over 10 years and counting....


Everyone has their dream job; whether it is to become a lawyer, teacher, doctor, or any other profession. My dream job was always to become a hairdresser. Even from when I was only five years old, I used to love cutting my sister's bangs. Then I was fifteen and I started giving my first haircuts to my friends. Through all my years I always knew it was my passion. Becoming a hairdresser is so incredible! Influencing so many amazing trends and styles and adapting to new ones everyday to provide my clients with the most current and fitting looks is so exciting!


Enhancing people’s hair every single day to make people love their look and feel great about themselves is the most rewarding aspect of my profession. I got my first job at NY Jungle Salon as an assistant. When I would watch Basil color, I would be fascinated by his beautiful work. Maria's cutting and styling inspired me to work harder and hopefully be as amazing as her one day. Both owners have such passion for and dedication to their work which still amazes and inspires me everyday. 


Elmira's experience extends past NY Jungle. She also styles for CNBC television talent and guests at the NASDAQ , NYSE, and at the Englewood Cliffs headquarters. We are so proud of the work Elmira produces both in the salon and for CNBC. She has truly grown into quite the artist. 

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