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Wednesday:  12-8

Friday:  10-5

Saturday:  9-5

  • LyndsieVictoria


Master Stylist/Goldwell Educator

Specialties: Customized Corrective Color, Unicorn/Mermaid Hair & Free-Hand Hair Painting

I always believed that getting your hair done should "be an experience." Besides leaving with gorgeous hair your mind should feel rejuvenated as well. If just for a few hours someone could forget about their worries, relax, enjoy themselves, and leave a better version of themselves, then I have achieved my goal. 

If someone told me that when I grew up, I would be a hairstylist I would have never believed them. Becoming a hairstylist was not even a thought in my mind. My first love was/is photography. I went to The Art Institute of Philadelphia after I graduated high school and I was going to be the worlds' greatest fashion photographer. Well, eight months later I quit school and came home. I had no clue what I was going to do with my life but I knew art school wasn't for me. 


I decided that I would go to beauty school and get my license because I would always have a "job." Two months into cosmetology school I fell in love and over 16 years later, it has been my greatest love affair. 

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