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NY JUNGLE SALON was founded in 1993 by the husband and wife duo, Basil & Maria Konstantinidis. Maria began as a stylist in her mother's salon, Effie's Place; the beauty of nature enchanted her and inspired her bohemian and free-flowing artistic style. Basil previously did hair in Atlanta, Georgia; he was fascinated by the abundance of diversity in the city and used his passion for the rich culture of metropolitan life to inspire his own ever-changing style of artistry in hair. Together, the couple set off in pursuit of finding an artistic balance between their two creative aptitudes. The collaboration of Maria's and Basil's styles birthed the NY JUNGLE Brand, to which the couple has devoted their artistry for over 25 years. 

Rockland became a new echelon of hair fashion which was unprecedented to the Villages that are situated only 15 minutes from Manhattan. Since NYJ's inception, innovation and professionalism have dictated every aspect of the business' brand as these are considered the pillars of successful artistry. 

Ten years after opening their first salon, armed with experience and research, Basil and Maria expanded their brand into the innovative NY JUNGLE, HAIR, BODY & SOUL. What they accomplished was a Full Service Boutique Salon & Spa for “au courant individuals,” and an atmosphere that inspires and nurtures creativity and individuality. The open, yet private floor plan of the Salon allows technicians to interact with clients one-on-one without the intrusion of others. The Spa offers a tranquil atmosphere where one can release all inhibitions. Our therapists are provided with the tools and training necessary to guarantee the ultimate spa experience.



In 2016, NYJ's expansion continued with the opening of NYJ Paramus. Maria and Basil created a more modern, yet equally as beautiful Salon & Spa (at twice the size of Tappan) that can best be described as a beauty haven. Meanwhile, the husband-wife duo further established the NYJ brand which they plan to grow exponentially through employee vested interest. NYJ Paramus is an opportunity for stylists and salon owners to collaborate cohesively in elevating the hair and skin profession to a level of respect that artists have warranted. The stylists and technicians who grow through the NY JUNGLE brand demonstrate thorough knowledge of their respective areas of expertise in addition to a genuine passion for their profession.

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