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Tuesday:  10-6

Thursday:  12-8

Friday:  10-4

Saturday:  8-4


Owner/Creative Director

I am a stylist, business owner, peer, mentor, educator and a proud artist in my profession for 35 years. I can honestly say that although being a co-owner of mine and my husband's businesses comes with endless responsibilities, I still feel as if I don’t work! I thrive in my artistry on a daily basis and fulfill my desires of making my clients feel confident, beautiful and happy every time they visit NY Jungle. 

I entered the hair profession working alongside my mother in the early 80’s at her "beauty salon boot camp"- is what I called it- and boy did it get me prepared for my career! I later opened my first salon with my husband and business partner Basil for 10 years. Then, the second salon for 15 years to present and third which is our newest model of innovation in upgrading our profession . In every salon, I strive to serve as a peer as well as a mentor to my staff and encourage a brand of excellence and harmony.


My career and passion to experience the entirety of the profession led me down a path of embracing all aspects of styling. Whether it was prepping models for runway, international competitions, working on a movie set, participating in fundraisers, or any other event around the world, I wanted to embrace the entire world of beauty! No task was or ever will be too challenging to discourage me from doing what I love to do!

We pride ourselves in being a 5 star experience as we continue to hold our brand true to who we are at NY Jungle Hair, Body & Soul.

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