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NY Jungles Massage room will take you to another level of relaxation you have yet to experience. Our Massage Therapist tailors her treatments to each client individually to address specific concerns so you can leave fully relaxed and pain-free.

Swedish Massage

Increases blood flow and flushes out toxins while decreasing the stress hormone cortisol and other stress aggravating the nervous system.

60 min $130  |  90 min $180  (before NJ tax)

Deep Tissue Massage

Releases chronic muscle tension by penetrating deep into the muscle tissue and fascia. 

60 min $150  |  90 min $225  (before NJ tax)

Sports Massage

Relieves muscle swelling and tension to prevent any injuries and prepares an athlete to perform at their very best.

60 min $165   |  90 min $235  (before NJ tax)

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic drainage system plays a critical role in the body's ability to ward off diseases and heal itself after injury or surgery. Problems such as aches, pains and soreness, can be caused by congested lymphatic pathways; therefore, it is essential to the body's drainage system to cleanse and filter out toxins and bacteria that may accumulate throughout the body. 

Keep in mind Lymphatic Massages tend to run 15 minutes longer |  60 min $265  (before NJ tax)

Hot Stone Massage

This procedure is extremely healing. The manipulation of the hot stones expands blood vessels, which encourages blood flow throughout the body and as a result promotes deep relaxation and reduces chronic pain and stress.

60 min $140   |  90 min $215   (before NJ tax)

Trigger point 

60 min $165  |  90 min $235  (before NJ tax)

Therapeutic Massage

60 min $170  |  90 min $240  (before NJ tax)

Reflexology Add-on

Stimulate, increase, and boost! Pressure points on the hands and feet correspond to different body organs and when massaged they have the ability to stimulate the central nervous system, increase energy, boost circulation, and eliminate toxins. This add-on also helps to speed recovery after an injury or surgery.

30 min $75  (before NJ tax)

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