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Associate Stylist


Specialties: Double Process Blondes, Natural Brunettes, Balayage & Makeup

It all started for me with art. I've always loved to paint and create while making my work my own. I used that passion to my advantage and started experimenting with makeup and hair color. I would do all my friends' and family’s makeup for events and even did my own hair and makeup for every prom and school dance. I would play around with color from the store on anyone who would let me. Once I saw the happiness on everyones face after I did their makeup and hair, I knew immediately I was meant to be in the beauty industry.


I went to beauty school at Artistic Academy and graduated with a dual license in esthetics and cosmetology in 2010. I've stayed motivated and determined through the years assisting top stylists. I was determined to absorb and learn everything I could from all of my mentors in order to continuously grow as a stylist.


I am an honest, caring, and understanding person which translates in my career. It helps me give all of my clients what they want and need while still doing what's best for them. I take into consideration my clients' lifestyle, job, family life, and personal style to give each client the best custom look for them. This industry has allowed me to continue to paint and create while adding my own style to it!

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