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NEW TO 2022: NYJ Spa Peels

NY Jungle’s Spa welcomes an exciting new service in 2022! We now offer SOTHYS Paris Professional Chemical Peeling Treatments. SOTHYS is an innovative, professional skincare brand that follows the importance of responsibility and respect to the skin. They have three professional chemical peels that NY Jungle is now happy to offer you.

  1. Glysalac Professional Peeling Treatment. (30 min-Level 1 Peel) This is the lightest peel. Gentle dual action exfoliation combining salicylic and glycolic acid lifts away dead cells on the surface of the skin. Helps to boost cell renewal and can improve the condition of oily, blemish-prone skin.This results in immediate brightening, and reveals a clear, even complexion.

  2. Lactic Acid Professional Peeling Treatment. (30 min-Level 2 Peel) An intense multi-action peel that combines lactic acid and plant extracts. Stimulates collagen production and evens out skin tone. Combats effects of sun damage, fights signs of aging, decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Overall promotes softer, more hydrated skin.

  3. *T.C.Actif Professional Peeling Treatment. (30 min-Level 3 Peel) or “Skin Resurfacing Peel”. This is the strongest peel. It is an intense exfoliating and peeling treatment. Highly effective in smoothing skin's surface texture. Stimulates collagen production and helps treat hyperpigmentation. Diminishes wrinkle depth and signs of aging.

*complete skin analysis and consultation will be performed initially to ensure stability for this peel. For maximum results, three sessions, six weeks apart is recommended for the TCA peel.

Recommended Post treatments:

Regenerative Solution:

(AM & PM) Serum treatment that moisturizes and soothes ultra weakened skin post treatment. Can be used as a ten minute mask or the serum can be left on for ultimate soothing. *must have post-TCA

Repair Balm:



These peels are the best-of-the-best, which is a top priority to provide our guests here at Jungle. If you are interested in a peel but are unsure what peel would be the best for you, book a complimentary consultation or, use our “cheat sheet” below as well!

Not sure what peel would be best for your skin? Here is our cheat sheet:

1. My skin has just been looking dull. I want a really good “perk-up” for my skin & I want it to last!

  • Glysalac

  • Lactic

2. I have acne/blemish prone skin that I want to clear up. I do not have inflamed acne at the moment.

  • Glysalac

3. My skin has been feeling dry. I feel my skin has not been absorbing my skin care products recently.

  • Glysalac

  • Lactic

4. My complexion is uneven & I have a lot of texture on my face that I cannot seem to get rid of.

  • Glysalac

  • Lactic

5. I have fine lines & wrinkles that I am noticing as I am getting older. I really want to make them less visible/prevent them.

  • Glysalac

  • Lactic

6. I have spent A LOT of time in the sun in the past (and a tanning bed). It is catching up to me now- quickly. I have noticed some sun spots on my face & wrinkles both from sun exposure & aging.

  • Lactic

  • TCA *by consult*

7. I want a COMPLETE makeover for my skin. I spent YEARS in the sun, most of them without any protection. I have fine lines and wrinkles that I really want to improve over time. I am getting older, so my skin is just aging like it is supposed to! I want to make it look & feel younger. I have hyperpigmentation.

  • TCA *by consult*

8. I have really sensitive skin!

  • By consult

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